Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the lofty dog hosts howl-o-ween party

Attention all downtown dogs! Put on your costumes and come trick-or-treating at The Lofty Dog's First Annual Howl-O-Ween Party!

Where: The Lofty Dog in Downtown Los Angeles
120 W. 2nd Street (between Spring and Main Streets)

When: Wednesday, October 31st
7pm - 9pm

Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed dogs, but treats will be available for all dogs who come to the party. What are you and your dog coming dressed as?

1 comment:

Doglover03 said...

this store is a bunch of crap!! the owners are fronting like they have money when they really dont!! every time i call the phone is disconnected, i go into the store and the lights are off, plus i saw them heating water up to wash dogs with a stove in their grooming room. i dont think thats the way to wash dogs. the groomer is never there, no food on the shelves, the owner is very ghetto and loud. i can go on for days about this store. as a small business i was trying to support them, but now that they have moved it is even worse. the store is open when they feel like it. i was told there would be alot of dogs at the park for my dogs to play with, when in all actualty its the owners 5 dogs that are there, and thats it!! no groomer at all now, no bording, no nothing. im would be very suprise if it last long. the customer service from the employees were good when they did have some of the girls there, but now since it seems their gone, its all going down hill. some people are good for running stores, otheres are not, and this store is truly an example. the loftydog is not the only dog store in downtown, and if it was i still wouldnt go!!!"