Friday, November 23, 2007

november yappy hour: a bark day party!

Did I say that I would post pictures tomorrow from the Yappy Hour? I meant next week. Time flies when you're a puppy!

Last Yappy Hour wasn't just any Yappy Hour, it was also a birthday party for my friend Coyote Cute! We had cake, wore hats, and had a lot of fun.

Here's the cake, courtesy of Three Dog Bakery:

And here's the birthday boy, Coyote Cute:

My brother Wonton had a little trouble putting on his hat correctly:

Sugar got a little help with hers:

And Wonton figured out how to rock the hat, finally:

I think this dog is sad because he doesn't have a hat:

Here I am, with my mom (and boss!), Cabrini:

We look so good together, here's another picture:

I think I overheard Cabrini making plans for something really special for the next Yappy Hour. I can't wait to find out what it is!

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